Friday, September 2, 2011

Needle Felted Tree

This week I've been working on a needle felted tree to hang uo in my pre-school classroom.
I started off by cutting out a tree shape from some leftover brown fleece I had. Then I took some dark brown and light brown roving and blended the colors together by hand.  Then I spread layers of the roving on the fleece tree. Next I needle punched the roving into the fleece using a needle punching tool until it was felted   under the fleece you lay a felting needle mat which allows allows the roving to mesh with the base fabric. 

I added some extra dark brown roving to one area to it can resemble a hole in the tree that I will put a felted bird in. (That will be in another post)

for the leaves I blended dark and light green roving together. L helped with this 

I needle felted it onto some green felt that I cut out into cloud like shapes.
When school starts, the children will wet felt apples to add to the tree

like L always says "Tah Daaah!!!"

In the fall I'll remove the green roving ansd save it for Spring and I'll have my class blend red, yellow, and orange roving that I will needle felt onto some yellow felt  for the winter there will be no leaves just some strips of white roving lying on the branches.


  1. Great idea and I really like how it turned out!

  2. Thanks I originally had up a cartoonish laminated paper tree from the teacher supply store. I just wanted something more calming and relaxing looking.