Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday part two (the birthday ring)

This was our first year using the birthday ring. I decided to have L pick out a new ornament every year to place on the ring. Some people buy them all at once and just move the ornaments to the center as the ring gets filled up with candles. The ring and ornaments came from Nova Naturals . I went ahead and picked a baby carrige to represent L's first year. L had no trouble deciding what she wanted for her second year She said very quickly, "oh mommmy I want the star" (it's really a sun) I think they even sell a actual star but this is the one she pointed to.

We lit the first candle and told her that when she was one years old she liked
  • airplane
  • sun, moon, and stars
  • all animals
  • her da and neigh
  • hummus, mangos, apples, and peanut butter
  • nature walks
  • beach
  •  jumping (pretending to be a bunny)
  • making food for mommy and daddy in her pretend kitchen
we talked about what she disliked
  • oatmeal
  • spiders
  • having her hair brushed
  • naptime
Then we let the second candle and told her now she is two! and she got to blow them out

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